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A 5 Year focus: Achievements and Milestones of Mangaung Metro Municipality




Posted: 20 October 2021

The Minister of the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), Minister Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, officially proclaimed the 1st of November 2021 as the day when South Africans will take to the polls to elect councils for all district, metropolitan and local municipalities in each of the country's nine provinces (Local Government Elections).

In response to this, SALGA is rolling out a Local Government Transition Campaign, which includes the following objectives:



Raise awareness about the constitutional objects and functioning of Local government

  • Local government providing effective and equitable service delivery

Promote responsible and accountable local government leadership

  • Local government is concerned about improving the lives of citizens through improved governance and delivery of services

Promote responsible citizenry

  • Encouraging participation in local government
  • Local government is everyone’s business

Create awareness of the role and purpose of SALGA

  • SALGA as the thought leader, protector and strategic disruptor of local government
  • SALGA working together with stakeholders for the betterment of the lives of South African Citizens
  • SALGA is an employer of choice


As the 4th term of the local government administration draws to an end, some of the milestones that have been achieved by Mangaung Metro Municipality include the following:

Human Settlements

  • 3 728 Title deeds transferred and 6 534 Permission To Occupy (PTOs) issued
  • Hillside View Development:
  • 600 BNG houses completed.
  • 25 of the 50 houses for Military Veteran houses are completed.
  • 19 Land Restitution cases & houses completed.
  • 839 Social Housing Units
  • Informal Settlements Upgrading
  • 872 households have been upgraded to phase 3 of the programme i.e. provision of individual household connection of water and sanitation.
  • The Metro is currently in the process of upgrading a further sixteen (16) settlements to phase 3 by providing individual water and sanitation connection to benefit 7 424 households with 138 households to benefit from alternative sanitation and 8 118 households to receive individual water connections with all these projects already at construction phase.

Social Services

  • Development of new parks in Soutpan and Wepener to improve social amenities and green spaces.
  • Upgrading of Cemeteries:
  • Installation of perimeter fence Bainsvlei cemetery
  • Installation of perimeter fence Storm-laan Cemetery
  • Construction of ablution facility -South Park Cemetery
  • Construction of Roads & Storm-water Botshabelo Cemetery
  • Construction of Roads & Storm-water Phahameng Cemetery
  • Development of Nalis view cemetery(construction of 1,5 km gravel roads and 500m storm water at Nali’s View cemetery and fencing of entire cemetery)
  • Construction of Roads & Storm-water Bainsvlei Cemetery

Integrated Public Transport Network
Construction of IPTN Phase 1 a Trunk Routes and Bus Deport (Fort Hare, Moshoeshoe, Chief Moroka Crescent and Bus Stop). The whole of Mangaung Township and in particular Ward 1,2 3, 13 and 47:

  • 300 interim jobs have been created during construction of the above-mentioned projects.
  • 37 Local Sub-contractors were appointed for the above-mentioned projects

Construction of Non Motorised Transport Infrastructure. Botshabelo NMT Facilities Thaba Nchu NMT Facilities Bloemfontein CDB (Harvey, Victoria, Ella and King Edward


  • Reinstalment of the City Hall. Hall completely reinstated and can be used by communities to promote social cohesion.
  • Farm Klipfontein Township Establishment and Survey. Creation of a total of 4018 sites ranging from residential busines, educational etc for the improvement of the lives of the communities.


  • Total of 3307 households in Matlharantlheng, Block R, I, n Botshabelo and  Morojaneng connected to electricity.

Solid Waste Management
Upgrading of Landfill Sites (Bloemfontein Nothern and Southern Landfill sites). The following two capital projects were complete:

  • 1.5km of new fence at northern landfill site
  • 1.5km of new fence at southern landfill site
  • Erection of a New Fence at the Wepener Landfill site
  • Erection of a New Fence at the Van Stadensrus Landfill site
  • Erection of a New Fence at the Soutpan Landfill site

Engineering Services

  • Waterborne sanitation in Grassland 2 (ward 8 and ward 45), Botshabelo Section K and R, Van Stadensrus, Seroalo, Bultfontein 1. 3186 households were provided with basic sanitation services to improve hygiene and guarantee dignity.
  • Refurbishment of water systems – 29.621 Km of pipeline replaced in Bloemfontein.
  • Upgrading of gravel roads to surfaced roads and storm water in Bloemfontein, Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu.
  • Total 37.23km of paving and bituminous surfacing, 12.16km of rehabilitation, 27.822km of resealing and 23.69km of stormwater was completed.
  • A cumulative total of 75 163.41 m2 of patchwork was done during the reporting period.
  • An accumulative total of 1 531 414.19 m long by 7m wide of grading and gravelling was completed during the reporting period.
  • The total quantities recorded over the reporting period are 448.5 km of road markings; 1.31 km2 of street sweeping; 1499 number of Catch pits; 36 842m3 of canal cleaning; 190 number of normal speedhumps; 32 number of pedestrian speedhumps.



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