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A 5 Year focus: Achievements and Milestones of Overstrand Municipality




Posted: 07 October 2021

The Minister of the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), Minister Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, officially proclaimed the 1st of November 2021 as the day when South Africans will take to the polls to elect councils for all district, metropolitan and local municipalities in each of the country's nine provinces (Local Government Elections).

In response to this, SALGA is rolling out a Local Government Transition Campaign, which includes the following objectives:



Raise awareness about the constitutional objects and functioning of Local government

  • Local government providing effective and equitable service delivery

Promote responsible and accountable local government leadership

  • Local government is concerned about improving the lives of citizens through improved governance and delivery of services

Promote responsible citizenry

  • Encouraging participation in local government
  • Local government is everyone’s business

Create awareness of the role and purpose of SALGA

  • SALGA as the thought leader, protector and strategic disruptor of local government
  • SALGA working together with stakeholders for the betterment of the lives of South African Citizens
  • SALGA is an employer of choice


As the 4th term of the local government administration draws to an end, some of the milestones that have been achieved by Overstrand Municipality include the following:

Retained 4 (four) clean audits since 2016. Well-functioning ward committee system acknowledged by Province, COGTA. Overstrand was 1st municipality in the country to establish ward committees after the 2016 Local Government elections. It was decided in 2018 by the Executive Mayor to annually host Ward Committee Summits. The purpose of the Summit is to deal with important matters/challenges experienced in the Municipal area. Summits were held on 26-27 November 2019. Since August 2020 the Municipality successfully hosted Ward Committee meetings by way of a combination of physical attendance and via virtual platform.

Mayoral Awards, formerly Night of Achievers, hosted since 2001 by the Executive
Mayor to honour those achievers who selflessly devote their expertise, time
and energy to making a difference in the lives of others. Members of the public
have the opportunity to nominate achievers for the prestigious Mayoral Awards in
various categories.

1st Thursday - Overstrand Executive Mayor, Cllr. Dudley Coetzee, Mayoral Committee Members, the Municipal Manager and Top Management team hosted the 1st of Overstrand Municipality’s First Thursday events on 7 November 2019 in Hermanus. Residents had the opportunity to engage with the Mayor and his team one-on-one, cutting down ‘red tape’ processes, giving the public direct contact for dialogue on how the municipality can improve services and grow the economy.

Mayoral Walkabout, during this period the Executive Mayor, Ald. Dudley Coetzee,
flanked by his Mayoral Committee members and municipal staff did walkabouts to
various businesses in Hermanus, Kleinmond and Gansbaai to pledge his support. The
idea was simply to get in touch, listen to business owners, suggestions and concerns
and to see first-hand, how they were coping after the 2018 civil unrest and the 2020
COVID-19 pandemic.

Overstrand Municipality prides itself on having well functional governance structures e.g. Joint Audit and Performance Audit Committee (JAPAC) and the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC).

Access to free basic services
Free basic municipal services are services provided at no charge by the Government
to poor households. Only indigent households qualify for free basic services. Municipalities subject all applications to means tests to determine whether households
meet the criteria set by the municipality to qualify for indigent status. Municipalities determine their own categories of subsidies. Average number of indigent households
supported since 2016 - 7 522, Average R-value of total indigent support since 2016 - R 58,3 million.
Informal areas
After the successful completion of the access to basic services project in 2013/ 2014, every household in the 12 informal settlements of Overstrand Municipality have access to water (1 tap per 25 families) and sanitation (1 toilet per 5 families) as per the national standard. Informal units electrified since 2016 - 2 474, R 21,2 million Spent on the electrification of informal areas since 2016, 5 993 Informal households provided with basic water services and basic sanitation services on invaded land.

Water Services
Overstrand Municipality’s total bulk water demand decreased from 9.054 million kilolitres in 2009 to 7.148 million kilolitres in 2016, and furthermore to 7.074 million kilolitres in 2020. This is an overall reduction of more than 21% in bulk water demand
since 2009, while the population increased by an estimated 3% per year during the period. This was achieved through, amongst other things, the continued water pipe and water meter replacement programs, the use of treated effluent for irrigation of sports fields, pressure management, and continuous creation of public awareness of
water scarcity, especially during the recent drought period, which severely affected the Greater Hermanus area of the Overstrand.

2 New production boreholes were developed in the Gateway Well Field since 2016, which facilitated the ability to abstract the licensed volume from this well field.  6.087 km’s Water pipes replaced since 2016. R 30,47 million Spent on water pipe replacements. 14 Bulk water projects completed since 2016. R 56,2 million Spent on the bulk water infrastructure projects.

The largest bulk water projects undertaken during this period were the upgrade of the bulk water supply pipeline to Gansbaai, the construction of new reservoirs at Gansbaai and Pringle Bay, the augmentation of the Gateway Well Field in Hermanus, and a new water treatment plant at Stanford.

Overstrand Municipality received a certificate for outstanding achievement for innovation for the outsourcing of the operation and maintenance of the bulk water and
waste water works from the Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and
Development Planning (DEADP) in their 2017 Greenest Municipality Competition. Overstrand Municipality won the Water Management category in the 2016 Western
Cape Greenest Municipality Competition of DEADP.

Since 2016 the Municipality has successfully completed 10 sanitation infrastructure
projects at a total cost of R76.016 million. The largest sanitation projects undertaken during the period were the upgrade of the Stanford Waste Water Treatment Works, the upgrade of the Bientang Sewerage Pump Station in Hermanus, the upgrade of the Kidbrooke sewer pipeline in Hermanus and the construction of two new pump stations, the extension of the sewer networks in Kleinmond, Stanford and Gansbaai, and the upgrade of sections of the main outfall sewer to the Kleinmond Waste Water Treatment Works.

Electricity supply
Overstrand Municipality is responsible for electricity distribution and reticulation in the Greater Hermanus area, Hawston, Greater Gansbaai area, Kleinmond and Stanford. All other areas are supplied by Eskom.

  • 19 Electricity projects completed since 2016.
  • R46,7 million Spent on the electricity projects.
  • 2 Energy saving initiatives since 2016.
  • 9 MVA Increase in electricity capacity due to completed projects.

Various upgrading and replacement projects have been completed for the Greater Hermanus, Hawston, Kleinmond, Stanford and Greater Gansbaai areas between 1 July 2016 and 31 December 2020. These projects entailed the upgrading and/or replacement of aged infrastructure and the increasing of capacity for current and future developments. Various housing projects have seen almost 2 474 households receive access to basic electrical services over the past few years.

Overstrand has also taken the initiative to replace various old streetlight installations
with LED lighting and to provide streetlights in areas which did not have any.

Planning is currently underway for a new 66/11kV substation to be built in the Birkenhead area, Greater Gansbaai. The project is estimated to be completed in 2022.

Waste Management
Between 2011 - 2018, Overstrand was regarded as being on the forefront of waste recovery in South Africa, by means of source separation and separate collection. To this end the Overstrand Municipality won the waste section of the Provincial Greenest
Municipality 6 times from 2009 to 2017.

During 2019/2020 various options were investigated for a new Materials Recovery Facility, Transfer Station and chipping area. The Hermanus Wastewater Treatment Works site was identified as the best available option, and the planning approvals and public consultation process followed.

The contract was awarded in June 2020 and construction started in the second part of 2020. The project will be completed by the end of June 2021. The Materials Recovery Facility is to start operating in the second half of 2021.

Waste Awareness Campaigns
The “rethink a bag” awareness campaign / road show amongst municipal employees, combined with the handing out of a reusable shopping bag, was the single
biggest campaign during this period. A 3 year contract was awarded for puppet shows at schools, with waste and recycling as one of the main themes. 6527 Learners were reached with the puppet show for recycling up to 2019.

Regular statements were issued in the printed media, social media, and municipal newsletters, informing residents of waste issues.

Municipal roads
The Municipality is responsible for the local municipal roads with a total length of
609 km (431 km surfaced and 178 km gravel). On average municipal roads are in a
good to very good condition.

Total kilometres of roads resealed:             

  • 2016/17 - 135 298 square meter, R 21 703 244 spent
  • 2017/18 - 112 932 square meter, R 21 947 333 spent
  • 2018/19 - 112 982 square meter, R 22 658 987
  • 2019/20 - 104 952 square meter, R 22 912 800 spent

The road network of the Overstrand Municipality is managed in large by utilising the Pavement Management System (PMS), the latest version being the 2019 detailed visual assessment, as well as the Integrated Roads Asset Management System (i-RAMS). Priority lists of required maintenance generated by the systems above are used in conjunction with a panel consisting of the consulting engineers as well as municipal officials to complete the final priorities for the available budget and year.

The road network of the Overstrand Municipality is managed in large by utilising the Pavement Management System (PMS), the latest version being the 2019 detailed visual assessment, as well as the Integrated Roads Asset Management System (i-RAMS). Priority lists of required maintenance generated by the systems above are used in conjunction with a panel consisting of the consulting engineers as well as municipal officials to complete the final priorities for the available budget and year.

11 km’s New roads constructed since 2016. R60,6 million Spent on road construction projects since 2016 (rehabilitation included).

  • Rehabilitation of existing paved roads in Zwelihle (Phase 2)

The project comprised of the upgrading of existing gravel and paved brick roads in Zwelihle. These roads were constructed pre-1994 and have reached its lifespan of 20
years. The roads were in a poor condition and had no sidewalks. The existing storm
water system was insufficient and required upgrading. The roads were upgraded to 4.5m wide, with asphalt surfacing and new 1.5m wide sidewalks. New storm water infrastructure to eliminate storm water related problems, were installed. The total project cost for phase 2 was R 8 236 993.

  • Construction of Hawston Housing Project Bus Route & Construction of sidewalks to extend the existing public transport facilities and to provide public transport service closer to the housing development as well as to improve the mobility along the R43. The sidewalks aim to provide sufficient capacity for pedestrian traffic and safety and to improve the pedestrians’ access to the public road transport network. The total cost was R 7 948 752.


Ward specific projects
The council approved funding to the amount of R500,000 per Ward for the past four financial years. Funding is used to support projects recommended via local Ward committees after consultation with local communities and affected departments within the Municipality Administration through the annual Integrated Development Plan (IDP)
process. The projects must mainly relate to development and upgrading of infrastructure namely play parks, building of sidewalks, tarring of roads, traffic calming, etc.
Total spent on ward specific projects in all 13 wards since 2016 - R29,9 million

Financial project successes
The achievement of another milestone has reached its final stage: All municipalities
and municipal entities had to comply with the municipal Standard Chart of Account (mSCOA) Regulations by 1 July 2017. Nominated as a pilot site by national treasury, Overstrand Municipality already implemented the chart on 1 July 2015.

The municipality received clean audits for the last 8 consecutive financial years.

Response during COVID-19 pandemic
Overstrand Municipality started assisting soup kitchens across its jurisdiction with the delivery of ingredients as early as April 2020. 59 Soup/food kitchens operated across the municipality’s jurisdiction during the national COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. 1 767 288 People benefitted from this food relief during Covid-19 pandemic until September 2020.

Only Hermanus Fire Station was upgraded since 2016, with the construction of the new bay commencing in October / November 2019. The project will be completed in three phases, with the second phase due to be completed by 30 June 2021. 2 612 fires have been attended to since 2016.

Fire and Disaster Management accolades

  • Overstrand Fire & Rescue received the Rosenbauer Excellent Service award for the second consecutive year in 2017 (the first award was received in 2015).
  • During the Knysna Fire (2017), our staff assisted with active firefighting and also assisting in the JOC (Joint Operations Centre).
  • Overstrand firefighters are in high demand because of knowledge and skills gained as a result of the peat fire - Garden Route District Municipality recently requested assistance for a similar fire in their area.

Environmental management
Invasive Alien Management is critical for the sustainability of our biodiversity. These plants aggressively take over our indigenous vegetation, changing the landscape, reducing water runoff, and increasing the fire hazard in our areas. The rapid growth,
combined with high seed production and lack of natural enemies of these plants make the removal of them a continuous, challenging and expensive task. An estimated 170 Ha of land was cleared once and followed up 4 times since 2016. A total of R 530 000 was spent.

The Ratepayers Association, in partnership with the Overstrand Municipality, appointed a consultant to develop Maintenance Management Plans (MMP’s) for the beach and the fore-dune system at Betty’s Bay and Pringle Bay. Although the project is still in its infant stage and only the first stages of the MMP’s are currently being implemented, the activities are already showing a stabilisation of dune movement and build-up of environmental integrity in the system.

Overstrand Municipality has taken the first step towards improvement of energy efficiency in municipal buildings. During 2019 energy audits were conducted by the environmental section on all municipal facilities and offices across the Overstrand. Improving energy efficiency in buildings is the most efficient and cost-effective way to
tackle the challenges of global climate change, air pollution and high energy prices. The Electrical Department has also started retrofitting LED lights in some of the areas
in the Overstrand.

Greenest Municipality Award
The Greenest Municipality Competition is aimed at motivating and inspiring municipalities to address environmental issues in their regions. For the competition Municipalities are evaluated in various categories, including waste management, biodiversity management, air quality management, etc. The Environmental Section won the award for biodiversity management in 2017 and 2019.

Housing provision
Overstrand Municipality promotes the development of integrated and sustainable human settlements with access to social and economic opportunities for all its citizens.

  • 632 Houses have been built since 2016.
  • 250 Temporary Relocation Units (TRA).
  • 6723 Title deeds transferred since 2016. 
  • Total cost of the housing delivery since 2016 - R291,6 million
  • 2454 Sites serviced since 2016.

Overstrand Municipality has 8 public libraries and 2 satellite libraries. All Overstrand communities have access to library facilities. Kleinmond Library was extended and upgraded to provide a children’s corner, a research section, an activity room as well as a committee room. Access to computer based research facilities benefits both old and young. Hawston Library was extended and upgraded to provide a new Children’s Section, IT section, new Issue Desk, reference and study collection.
Gansbaai Library was upgraded to provide a fully equipped children’s section. Eluxolweni satellite library (Pearly Beach) was upgraded. The floor space was increased by more than 300%. The library now brings upmarket library services (including electronic media) closer to the residents of both Eluxolweni and Pearly Beach. Library members (including scholars and students) who were forced in the past to drive a distance of more than 25 km to Gansbaai, now have these important facilities
on their doorstep.

Municipal Sporting Facilities
Club level high mast lights were installed in Hawston and Zwelihle Sports fields in 2017. The project cost about R1,6 million of which R1 million was funded by Lotto and the rest by the municipality. The upgrading of Hawston Sports Ground phase 1&2 was completed and handed over on 25 February 2021. The project was funded by both Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) and the National Department of Sports and
Recreation of South Africa (SRSA).

The installation of high mast lights to the value of R1,2 million at Mt Pleasant Sports Ground is currently underway.

Early Childhood Development Centres
In 2016 a new ECD centre was opened in Zwelihle, Hermanus. Yomelelani pre school used to operate from a small portion of a much larger building known as the Hou Moed Centre. Discussions started in 2013 and through the cooperation of the municipality and a local business (Aquinion) the Hou Moed Centre was completely revamped and transformed into the largest ECD facility in Zwelihle. The completed facility was registered to accommodate 135 children.

Largest developments since 1 July 2016


The oncology unit was established in 2016. The income generated was to the amount of R232 698 in building plan fees. Income generated as part of the planning process amounts to ±R31 425 (Section 30(2) certificates and planning fees). The total investment to establish the oncology was ±R260 078. The estimated value of the oncology building is R42,2 million. Total investment, including equipment, is estimated at more than R100 million.


The facility is an ongoing process and an amount of ±R7 613 660 has been spent for the relocation of the tennis courts and building of squash and netball courts. The total value of assets, as at the end of May 2019, was R25 482 985.96, of which donations towards the project as at end May 2019 is R15 795 801.96. A gym is in the process of being built and the value is estimated at ±R12,7 million.


The Central Business District (CBD) Regeneration is an on-going process and an amount of ±R7,8 million was spent on service upgrading, and redevelopment of High Street. High Street is made pedestrian friendly with resurfacing, new signage and street furniture.


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