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SALGA rolls up its sleeves to do good for the local community on Nelson Mandela Day




Posted: 19 July 2021

The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) has a long history of charitable giving in communities as demonstrated through the organization’s birthday celebration of former South African President and world-renowned human rights champion, Nelson Mandela, at the Bongani Educare Centre in Atteridgeville, Pretoria.

The organization rolled up its sleeves to do good to the Child Care Centre on Monday, July 19, 2021 in honour of Nelson Mandela International Day, an annual international day celebrated on 18 July, which is Mandela's birthday.

The all-embracing objective of the day is to inspire individuals to help change the world for the better, and in doing so build a global movement for good.

Leading the organization’s celebration of the former President’s birthday under the theme, - “Take Action – Inspire Change – Make Every Day a Mandela Day”; # “Action Against Poverty”, SALGA CEO Xolile George, said that it was important for the municipal association to be engaged in social matters, emulating the same values of peace, justice and dignity that were portrayed throughout the life of Mandela.

He emphasised that the organization’s charitable giving drive would feed into the focus areas for the Mandela Day campaign, including #Each1feed1, #ECDWork and #Sanitationisdignity.

“We are delighted and excited that once more as the community of local government, we are forging a partnership with the school and also making sure that we leave a commitment of purpose that’s true to Mandela’s values that to lead a life of purpose is to direct your energy, skill and service towards the betterment of communities,” George said.

“We are happy to have chosen the Bongani Edu Centre to be the center platform for us to demonstrate this commitment of service.”

Gardening tools, vegetable and maize seeds were among the many and varied goods that SALGA donated to the centre

George explained that this was to ensure that the children attending the child care centre would eventually learn about the values of self-sustenance and independence, which would help instill human dignity.

“Garden tools are central to stimulating the creativity of children. They’ll now know that food does not come from the shelves, food comes from a garden.

“This is a commitment that we want to see in the education community that exists in this community. To make sure that each child can be taught these values of service so that they can learn to live a life of purpose,” George said

Molefe Mokgetlhi, School Governing Body Chairperson (SGB) applauded SALGA for its commitment to charitable responsibility and generosity, saying the event was a seed that will bear fruit in the minds of the children attending the day-care centre.

“Let it be a reminder that what we’re doing today is not only for us, the children here are witnessing what we’re doing. They might not understand now but we're planting a seed.”

Ward councilor, Masello Madeline Mahwayi welcomed the partnership between SALGA and the Educare centre, saying it would do well to foster a sense of community and connection between the organization and the Atteridgeville community.

“We thank SALGA for being here and we appreciate being part of the rebuilding of our community.”

Bongani Educare Principle Elisah Ramaru chronicled the rich history of the day-care centre, saying it was open for children of every walk of life.

“Educare was established in 1992 and registered as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) in 2002. We accommodate children from 6 months to 6 years old. We accommodate each and every child, we don’t discriminate.

“We also look after children with special needs and orphans. We don’t look after them because we need money, we look after them because we love them,” Ramaru said.

Nozibele Makanda, SALGA Portfolio Head: Health and Community Services said the gardening tools and seeds delivered to the day care centre would give the children an opportunity to grow their own vegetable garden, which would in turn equip them with skills needed to lead productive lives.

“It is going to produce the kind of children that will lead society. It is going to produce the kind of children that will grow wealth for their communities. This preschool is raising responsible citizens that will lead a life of purpose.”

Mthobeli Kolisa, SALGA Chief Officer: Infrastructure Delivery, Spatial Transformation and Sustainability, brought the programme to a close, saying the event captured the spirit of Ubuntu by giving back to the community.

“This is a moment where we ignite what makes us who we are, Ubuntu. We will walk away from today as better people. We are grateful to the SALGA family for their generous contributions and we are grateful to the school for hosting us.”

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