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SALGA to convene 2nd Council of Mayors


Posted: 01 February 2019

On 6 – 7 February 2019, SALGA will host the 2nd Council of Mayors (SCoM) at the City of Cape Town Council Chambers, Western Cape, in accordance with article 18 of the organisation’s Constitution.

Under the theme: “Enhancing the Role of Municipalities in Promoting Investment and Job Creation,” the SCoM comes at an opportune time when South Africa readies itself for the State of the Nation Address, as well as the upcoming National Elections.

Moreover, SCoM serves as a forum through which Executive Mayors and Mayors of Organised Local Government consult one another in matters of common interest to improve governance and service delivery within Local Government.


The focus of the SCoM will attend to the following:

  • Act as a consultative forum for the development of local government positions on policies and legislation impacting on local government;
  • Identify policy and legislative matters that SALGA needs to include in its advocacy, lobbying and strategic engagements in a pro-active manner;
  • Identifying particular challenges faced by the executive in municipalities and propose solutions and approaches to address such; and
  • Share good practices with regard to the role of the executive in the municipality.


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