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Local Government will continue to ensure that our people-centred vision of socio-economic prosperity becomes a living in our time


Posted: 12 December 2018

On 12 December 2018, SALGA held its last day of the National Members Assembly that kick-started with a closed session to address the organisational progress report, adopt the SALGA 2017/18 Annual Report and the Annual Financial Performance as well as the Annual Performance Plan 2018/19.

Highlighting progress SALGA has made since the 2016 National Conference, SALGA and UCLG President Cllr Parks Tau mentioned the implementation of the Women’s Commission; Composition of the National Executive Committee; as well as the Council of Mayors and Council of Speakers as outcomes of the conference.

The key resolutions that have been achieved in the past two years are the following:

  • The impasse between ESKOM and municipalities on Electricity Reticulation Authority
  • ESKOM Concessions – debts owed
  • Energy future of Local Government
  • Pooled Financing Mechanisms and Innovative Funding Instruments for Infrastructure Financing
  • SALGA Bargaining Council around salaries and wages, the wage curve and the Pension Fund restructuring
  • Community protests, xenophobia attacks and attacks on municipal Councillors and officials
  • Engaging government and key role-players to ensure a more equitable Councillor Remuneration System
  • Structured engagements with the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA)                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Thus, “over the past six years, the organisation has maintained an average of 95% against its predetermined objectives,” said Tau.

The organisation continues to have more focused programmes delivering outcomes with greater impact, as evidenced by the Municipal Audit Support Programme; the Centre for Leadership and Governance, Small Town Regeneration Programme; Municipal Barometer; the Knowledge Innovation Hub, etc.

Moreover, it is evident in the 2017/18 Annual Report and in the Annual Performance Plan that there are improvements realised in the sector in terms of service delivery as 95% of 61 targets set in the Plan met. Therefore, SALGA continues to be an accountable organisation as it has activated six clean audits.

Despite these achievements, key interlinking challenges facing municipalities and the sector still continue. Capabilities, Governance and Leadership; Fiscal Policy and Financial Management; Spatial Transformation and Inclusion; as well as Service delivery and infrastructure concerns are the leading issues halting efficient progress with local government.

As a result, SALGA through its strategic goals will continue to lobby, advocate and profile the sector to ensure that our people-centred vision of socio-economic prosperity becomes a living in our time.
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