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Funder:Europe Union (EU)
Duration:Three years (2017 – 2020)
Partnering Provinces & Municipalities:Free State, Western Cape, North West and Northern Cape
Value: € 750 000
Directorates/ Project Owners:Economic Development and Planning; Municipal Institutional Developement and Govarnance and Inter-Govermental Relations and Municipal Finance

EU - Enhancing Municipalities Capacity for Development (EMCD)

Enhancing Municipalities Capacity for Development (ECDP) is a project co funded by the Europe Union (EU) at SALGA. The overall objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of local government in South Africa to become more effective, efficient, responsive and sustainable in carrying out its developmental mandate.

The specific objectives of the EU: EMCD project are to:
Build the capacity of municipalities to facilitate inclusive, participatory inter-municipal planning and governance for effective long term socio-economic development.
To enhance the capacity of municipalities to be more responsive and inclusive in the delivery of services and promotion of socio-economic development and inclusive growth

The EMCD project includes two types of regions, bio-region and a mining region. The Karoo is a semi-arid bio region, located in the centre of the country and crosses four (4) provinces Northern Cape, Free State, Eastern Cape, and Western Cape in twelve (12) municipalities. The below table depicts the 12 selected municipalities/beneficiaries at 4 provinces:


Free State

Western Cape

North West

Northern Cape



Prince Albert

Moses Kotane


The challenge in the Karoo is ‘to create governmental systems, policy networks and business linkages which develop the region as a whole but also in constitution parts, while ensuring the natural environment is used sustainably. The battle for resources such as land and water is evident but additional pressure is being placed on the region with prospecting rights sought for uranium and shale gas mining. The mining region falls within the platinum belt in the North-West Province. The Bojanala district municipality includes the five local municipalities. Together 94% of the country’s platinum is found in this district, which produces more platinum than any other single area in the world.


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