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South African Local Government Association’s International programmes and partnerships unit is one of the key pillars of pushing forward the development and growth of the sector in local government. It has contributed to creating partnerships with all concerned parties regionally and internationally in a bid to maximize SALGA's role on the global level. Although cooperation between local governments is still focused on partnerships between municipalities and sharing experience between particular local entities, more and more of their projects assume a broader international dimension. The primary driver for cooperation between local governments is to establish associations and municipal contacts. In the case of relations with Asian, African and Eastern European countries, local authorities play a crucial role due to the fact that they legitimise potential business partners. Using international contacts, local governments, within the limits of their abilities, support South African government in important international initiatives Local governments collaborate with various regional and national institutions in order to better support local business.

The role that SALGA plays in international relations is also amplified in many international studies undertaken by the leaders in international development; to mention a few: the United Nations and its Sustainable Development Goals, UCLG released a charter on international co-operations for Local Governments, a position paper on Aid Effectiveness directed at Local Governments, CLGF in its practices uphold the Paris Declaration, and many others.
The international program and partnership advance the promotion of good local governance across international borders, and deliver programs and services in local communities that would otherwise not have the opportunity to access them. Facilitating this exchange between local government practitioners in South Africa and internationally has also brought about many personal and professional development opportunities to members and other sector representatives

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