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SALGA to host the Inaugural Human Resource Best Practices Seminar


Posted: 11 September 2018

On 20 – 21 September 2018 SALGA will host the first Human Resource Best Practices Seminar at the Birchwood Hotel & Conference Centre, Gauteng.

Under the theme: “Deploying the right competencies to inspire service delivery – Why Talent Management Matters,” the seminar will provide revealing insights as to how all role players within the talent management value chain can contribute to driving strategic Integrated Development Plan (IDP) goals of a municipality by continually making impactful changes in their systems. The seminar also aims to foster conversations that would help municipalities shape coherent talent management strategies going forward.

The Human Resource Best Practices Seminar is implemented through the SALGA Centre for Leadership and Governance (SCLG) and forms part of the organisation’s strategic agenda to continuously formulate and implement a range of municipal leadership focused interventions aimed at enhancing the capacity of municipalities to adequately respond to challenges facing local government.

It is held to support and advice municipal leaders and HR practitioners to strategize the human capital management function which according to the profiling/assessment that was conducted by SALGA on the human capital management practices of the then 278 municipalities is sitting on an all-time low maturity level, where 82% of municipalities scored level 0; 5% achieved level 1; 10% level 2; 0.72% level 3, and 2% level 4 on the adequacy of talent management policies and practices. This seminar is part and parcel of the transformation journey that was adopted during the SALGA 2013 HRM policy conference to reposition human management as a strategic partner

It is therefore against the above background that the objectives of the seminar are to:

  • Provide a platform to the municipal collective responsible for talent management to reflect on their experiences and emerging approaches that would need to be incorporated going forward;
  • To reflect on human capital management legislative prescripts and thus influence a widely embraced talent management policy direction and practices;
  • To empower municipal executives to employ principles and tools for talent analytics, measurement and selection, career planning and development;
  • To create a platform for networking and sharing of best practices based on the audience’s particular, and/or peculiar on the ground experience; and
  • To create an enabling environment for effective advocacy and constituency immersion on SALGA programmes and interventions.

The two-day seminar will be attended by Portfolio Heads or Chairpersons of Portfolio Committees responsible for Human Resource Management; Head of Department for Human Resource Management; Human Resource Specialists, Practitioners, as well as Directors: Corporate Services.

Day one of the programme will cover topics such as SALGA’s Value Proposition of the Seminar; Re-imagining Talent Management; Jobs for the future – Towards 2025; Creating a Talent Management Strategy; and the 4th Industrial Revolution. While day two of the programme will focus on the Talent Attraction and Retention in Rural Municipalities; HR Intelligence; Local Government Service charter; Integrated Career Development System for South Africa; and the Succession Management in Municipalities to name a few.
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