SALGA Research Colloquium

In partnership with the University of Western Cape’s Dullah Omar Institute, the colloquium is a platform to share practical, innovative, policy driven and evidence based solutions to some of the stubborn challenges facing municipalities. The 2019 edition of the colloquium will bring together municipal practitioners, academia, sector experts and key stakeholders in local government. The platform is an opportunity for researchers to present and discuss research specific to local government, pursue direct policy impact of their work and exchange ideas for future research.

In this colloquium, some of the following questions will be answered:
- How can municipalities leverage land to achieve inclusionary and efficient settlements?
- What exactly does sustainability and viability in the local government context mean?
- Can intergovernmental fiscal transfers counter inequality among municipalities?
- What are the threats to the sustainability and financial viability of municipalities?
- What are the alternative financial instruments for municipalities?
- How are the cities dealing with the demands urbanisation exert on infrastructure and services?
- Are citizens empowered to hold local government accountable?
- What are the practical tools to strengthen civic engagement?
- Do the development planning tools currently being used by government and municipalities, in particular,enable effective spatial transformation?

In this regard, we wish to extend an invitation to all municipalities to attend the Local Government Research Colloquium.
Informed by the inaugural 2018 Research Colloquium, we are of the respectful view that municipal staff from the
Research Units / IDP Management Offices and / Strategic Management portfolios will derive utmost value from

Theme: Addressing inequality through inclusive, sustainable and viable local governments
Date: 11-12 March 2019 (Registration 10 March 2019 from 15h00 – 19h00)
Venue: Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban



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